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The Bang Bang Theories

we danced until the night became a brand new day

Well, that went fast.  The summer, that is.

It’s Labor Day and I did exactly zero laboring.

I had a bizzzy bizzzy weekend and I woke up emotionally tired.

I’m an introverted extrovert.

We had overnight company, fun-fun-fun friend visiting, festival going and fair food eating.

So I took today off and and read a book and napped on the porch and talked to just about no one.

I ate tacos and watched deer and didn’t clean any parts of the house.

And I’m not mad about the way I spent my day.

It’s good to know your limits and when – and what – you need to fill up your tank.

How about you, Reader?

Are you a quiet re-charger who just needs to disconnect?

Or do you get energy from activities and people – like My Mister…he cannot get enough people-ing and socializing. He went back to the fair and his friends and more music and socializing today, and now he’s at his home-away-from-home casino-ing, where he talks to more people and oh my good god I couldn’t even IMAGINE saying yes to any parts of his day today.

He’s been on a movie set in a non-speaking extra role, and came home HOARSE after his first two days. He SAYS it’s because of the air conditioning, but we all know it’s because he talks to every single person all of the fifteen hours he’s there.

My Mister and I are on complete opposite ends of how much interaction we need with other people, and sometimes that works really well, like when he leaves the house for the entire day and I have total quiet and it’s just me-me-me.

In the mornings, I’m happy when I have a couple hours before he gets up. He turns on music and news and just so much noise, before his first cuppa coffee.

Getting into his car, it’s non-stop music, at just two ticks louder than I find comfortable to listen to. I’m literally the grouchy old lady who wants the music turned down.

He, on the other hand, gets depressed if he’s in the house all day by himself. He would consider that an entirely wasted day.

People are weird, is the point of this.  I’m weird. He’s weird. It just depends upon your point of view.

For me? I’m clearly in the turn down that gol’darn music and let me enjoy my peace and quiet camp. And stay off my damn lawn while we’re at it. Unless you’re deer. Or a raccoon. Or a squirrel. Basically anything I only have to feed, but not talk to is welcomed.


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