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Ready or Not

Where in the world did we leave off, Reader??

It’s been so long, Trixie The Reluctant Blogger can’t even remember how to tell a story.

I just painted my nails and now they are smeared. Impatient.

It’s officially 2020: The Year that Nothing Happened And Everything Happened.

Spent leaves have fallen on my summer deck, a reminder that I am not ready for Fall. At all.

I am not ready for crisp air, long sleeves, apple pies and fuzzy blankets. Not yet…not yet.

I want to hold just a little more tightly to hot sunny days and cloudless blue Ohio skies, thirsty grass, juicy peaches, and too-warm breezes, please just a little longer.

I am not ready. Patience.

I want gentler days, more lazy porch naps, listening to the cacophony of summer from my back deck.

Ready or not, August is coming to a close. I am going to remind myself to be gentler, kinder, softer, slower, lazier, and grateful. It’s one way I can hold on to what I want more of, until I’m ready for the next brisk season.





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