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The Bang Bang Theories

Marching On

Hiya, Reader!

We are sitting here on the first day of the third month of the new year so it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished to date. Let’s consider this our corporate touchbase to see how we’re tracking towards our goals. Only in this case, I’m reviewing myself and you get to just sit there and drink wine, which frankly is how all corporate reviews would go if I were in charge of the world, and then I’d give me a big juicy raise for every single attempt on a good goal.

GOAL A) I’ve been working regularly-ish on my yoga goals. I say “ish” because while I have no set number, I strive for a minimum of 3x a week, and this week is looking like it’s going to be the minimum and that’s counting on me getting straight up from here and getting at it.

It’s been a different and busy week. Our friend had his hip replaced on Monday, and we finally convinced him that the best place to get tended to was at Chez Bang Bang, because

#1/ we have a wide house with handrails already decoratively built in by the people who built the house and

#2/ I’ve been on the receiving end of medical care and understand the importance of the little “extras” that make you just a tich more comfy.

With that photo, I also see  how I need to go and clean the bathroom door, everything is a project around here.

Just last night I was scooching along giving my hallway floors a handjob because every time I mop, it looks like a streaky, filthy mess.

I spent precious time reading up on why this is occurring, and the conclusion is that it could possibly be because I switched to using vinegar and water only to clean the floors – coupled with hot water, which somehow makes it worse instead of extra-disinfecty as I had thought it would be – and it seems that all the “shine” is stripped after a year of that and now it’s just basically a fucking nightmare mess.

The solution offered involved washing with only distilled water and a very damp cloth, wiping it with a dry cloth as you go, which is what I did at midnight last night – with regular water though, as I do not happen to have a jug of distilled water at the ready – just to see if it works and that’s how I rock out with my cloth out at midnight on a Saturday night around here, Reader, so eat your hearts out with jealousy.

And that’s why I’m only at the minimum with my yoga so stop judging me, Reader.

GOAL B) Practice up on my language skillz.  That has been easy peasy and I’m rocking on my 13-day streak and just finished it up one second ago to ensure I didn’t miss it today. I learned disculpe. No, I’m not going to tell you. Because I’m a meanie wah-heenie.

GOAL C) Get my biz idea relaunched. I did start that last weekend, getting a website sort of looked into and pre-built but then I got sidetracked and think I’m going in the wrong direction and just need to learn how to build it in Wix and DO IT.  Technology can impede my progress when I don’t know how to do something and can’t afford to pay someone to do it. But imma gonna figure it out this month – it is my March goal, to March forward and get it done already.

I guess I’m really super aware of how the days turn into weeks and fly by, I think especially so because I’m checking off the days on my yoga chart and it was clearly written that this was Week 6 already.  So I guess I keep thinking I can start something and just work on it every day / week, and have something at the end of that time, or I can continue to just think about it and get nothing done and the same time is going to pass anyway.

And that’s where we’re at right now, Reader. Moving forward a teensy bit at a time.

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