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The Bang Bang Theories

Living on the Edge

So like a very compelling 1980’s Aaron Spelling tv show, I’ve left you with a cliffhanger:

Will Julie and Gopher find love on the Love Boat?

Will Donna give up her virginity?

What will happen to Blair and Tootie?

My $1 hair color had just as edge-of-your-seat nail-bitting outcome expectations. For both of us, Reader.

So here it is, after the wash out and dry, and I can hear your gasps of awe and amazement from all the way over here.

Yep. Trixie Bang Bang rocks the hell out of $1 hair color.

Now, to be clear, I only did around the hairline and the roots in the front, just the parts you mostly see.

The rest of the color is from various salons and the nice Florida sun.

You’re  not going to get highlighted parts from $1 hair color.

After seeing the moderate success of the $1 color, I decided to just go all helter-skelter and cut my own bangs, because as you may have noticed they are l-o-n-g, long.

So I chopped those up a little bit, too, Reader, and now I’m officially a beautician so make your appointments before all my open slots fill up.


Ahem. I mean, before all my appointment spaces are booked.


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