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Revved Up

Hi there, Reader (she types exuberantly, safely from a distance and with very clean hands)!

We just haven’t even gotten together much recently, and there are so. many. unimportant things. I need to tell you! I know, you can hardly wait!

What a wacky times we’re livin’ in, amiright? I was at the grocery the other night for cat food – I panicked, thinking hoarders were going to swoop it all up and my three cats would be left with nothing to eat except my eyeballs – so I hightailed it over there and I mean, come’on people.

Shelves were bare.

It was 10:30 at night and the lines were still long. Self checkouts were closed, not that I participate in those anyway, because they irritate me – the store hires less employees to make you “work” for them for free, and you don’t even get a discount for acting as a store employee. Whoever dreamed that up and convinced people to work for free while taking away jobs for someone else is an absolute genius and also a monster.

But anyway, enough on that soapbox, because there are so many others right now I could be climbing atop, but we’re here to discuss why I don’t want my cats to eat my eyeballs or something.

On one final grocery store note, my brother took this photo last night at some store he popped into:

Directly after this post, I have to brave the store myself and pick up a few things as I’m having a Girl Extravaganza at Chez Bang Bang tonight, because I thumb my nose at global pandemics.  And also it’s just a handful of girls who I’m fairly certain are good hand-washers, so it’s not as risky as it sounds. Last month I decided to start a Cocktail & Crafts monthly get-together, because it’s fun to do both of those things, and so tonight is the night. I had a whole plan with a signature cocktail to go along with, but I’m not sure what that will be tonight – maybe piña coladas, but that might be too much work to pull together.  We will see how much gumption I have in an hour or two.

You know what is helping with all my gumption lately?


Because I treated myself – for the first time in a good long while – to a Luxury Purchase.

The other night I turned on the telly and for some odd reason it started right up on QVC – which I never watch, so clearly it was a sign from God – and it was touting a Nespresso machine and all the Holy Caffeine Goodness it can create. I had researched these several years ago but refrained from the purchase, so it’s not as impulsy as it may sound.

I watched the infomercial for a while and then yelled to My Mister, “Hey! Bring me my wallet!”

MM: “What is going on in there?”

Me: “We’re going to get this thing tonight.”

He momentarily tried to talk me out of it by saying, “That’s not a great deal, you can find a better deal online,” And then I challenged his naysayer ass to do just that and he couldn’t deliver.

So it was purchased and we are in love. Not necessarily with each other, but each of us is in love with our caffeine with frothy foam creator.

I had a friend who once said she wouldn’t compromise on the quality of her coffee in the morning, because, “What if that turns out to have been the best part of my day?”

So that.

I may have to change Crafts & Cocktails to Crafts & Coffee and do a brunch theme next month because great things should be shared.

Also, you would think that all this extra pump of caffeine would make me extra productive, but frankly I haven’t noticed a big spike in energy, although I was cleaning my kitchen table legs with a toothbrush and pushing my porn couch around the living room to clean and scrub underneath it, so maybe I’m in denial.

And also, probably why I don’t fall asleep until 2 a.m. Risk vs. Reward, Reader. Risk vs. Reward.

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