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Life Hack

Reader, what I’m about to disclose is going to have you EATEN UP with jealousy over another glimpse into my magical, adventurous life.

I’d apologize, but I won’t, because some things need to be told.

So here goes:

I spent a morning this week cleaning my shower with a dryer sheet.


I threw the naked part in to make the detail a little more salacious, but really I was naked because it’s just easier to clean a shower naked. Do you know my very first job was as a “housekeeper” at Holiday Inn? Well, it was.

I didn’t clean those rooms or showers naked, in case you were wondering.

But here and now? I clean my shower naked, and then just finish up with a shower. I’m efficient that way. That should probably not go on my resume.


I’ve been “home” in Ohio for just over a week now.  I had an extended stay due to the threat of Dorian.

Outside of a few giant little life problems to contend with, it has been deliciously nice.  Cold, but nice.

Yes, my Florida Blood has already started to thin, I guess, because I find the weather to be a tich on the cold side.

I’ve done a lot of cat cuddling. 


Friend visiting and patio-sitting.

Late-night bar-snacking and big-drink drinking.

I have missed all those things, and also the people who I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy the week with. It’s difficult, because while I’m here as a visitor, my car is in Florida so I rely on the good grace of my people to pick me up and haul me around – and Uber. TGFU.

I have tried to squeeze in All The Things in 8 days, and clean my shower with a dryer sheet, because #CleanHouseGoals.

Today is my last day to and I need to get to squeezing MORE out of it.

I have my carpet to clean.

A new litter box arrangement I’ve given some thought to.

Packing up. I have more things I need to take to FL with me. Including Kitty Purry.

It’s been an angsty decision, which one of my seven three cats to bring down with me.

I’d love to have DJ with me – this belly every night? Yes, please.

However. I don’t think he would be as happy down there with much more limited running-around space.

He’s like the Dixie Chicks, he needs wide open spaces, room to make his big mistakes. Or at least poop in the grass.

So after careful thought, Kitty Purry is moving to Florida and starting her role as Sophia from the Golden Girls – she’s small and grouchy, so naturally.

She likes small spaces. Hates other cats. Loves mama. She will miss Kenny, but she’ll be the one who adjusts the easiest.

She and I will be just fine for a while.

What I  know for sure is that where ever we end up and for however long, we will make the most of it, despite the hard parts.

It’s hard leaving, and not knowing when I’ll be back. Maybe Christmastime? It’s hard having a foot in two states. It’s hard having people and family and problems and good times, and leaving it all behind me to let it sort itself out.

Sometimes you have to push though it and grow through the chaos.

So I’m still working on that. And in the meantime, I’m cleaning the hell out of my house. It was really fine, but I just have a different method than Kenny and while I’m here, I TCB the hell out of things.

If nothing else, I will leave a clean path behind me to make way for clear paths in front of me.


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