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The Bang Bang Theories

The Force Is With You

I did a whole buncha wife-ing on Monday, Reader, and it was good. Good for someone, the verdict is still out on who exactly. Maybe me, which sucks when you have to be your own wife because it’s more fun when a wife is doing the wife-ing FOR you.

Today’s Wife did a lotta cooking. And she even mopped her floors, so BAM!

I was going to post pictures of all the foods I made, but no one cares what’s cookin’ at Chez Bang Bang, unless that someone is eating the food. So you’ve been saved from a buncha food photos.

In other happenings, I’m sitting here ready for my 1:00 appointment, only to have checked my calendar and discovered it’s actually at 2:30. For once I’m ready early, Reader, except that I’m not dressed yet. I’m on the deck in my brassiere and undies. No, I’m not worried about the neighbors, unless they do happen to catch a glimpse and take up a petition that I always remain fully dressed when outdoors as I’m scaring the wildlife.

I’ve got a lot of little irons in the fire, but the worst part about not having a time table each day is that things very easily can get shoveled to tomorrow. But! I’m making my all-trusty to-do list, which is usually pretty great at keeping me on track. So far I’ve crossed off three things I’ve been meaning to do, but none of those things are painting a picture, which is what I really want to do.

I just felt something walking on my naked back, and lemme just say, Reader, I do not care for that feeling one bit. So whatever you are, get off my back!

My mantra today is What Steps Am I Going to Take Today To Climb The Mountain?? I read this today and found it very inspirational and I started my list and checked some things off, and feel all positive and action-y. But I also read another thing about mountains, and it’s a lot less motivating, because:

So you know, yin/yang.

The yinning and the yanging are why it’s so hard to accomplish things. And also, did you know that in yin/yang, the female is the negative/dark influence?? I just read about that, because I’m a researcher, Reader, and at first I was pursed-lip perturbed that the female is the negative/dark force and then as I sat here I thought, “Damn straight we are, so watch. the fuck. out.”



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