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Much Too Young (to feel this damn old)

Reader, I’ve got kump’ney coming tomorrow and a little shindig we’re throwing on Saturday and because of all that you know I have to repaint the house, build an addition and homeschool the cats into looking like a well-behaved clowder.

Everyone got a brushing on the deck earlier this week. To feign respectability with less dander.

The reason things take me so dern long to get tidied up around here is because I Find Things and then think O’My Law, these things MUST BE SHARED with my adoring public (that would be you, Reader).

So then I’m taking pictures and planning the story and the next thing I know it’s the night before kump’ney is coming and I still have a floor to scrub to get our “fake house” in shape.

Just don’t open any cupboards, closets or drawers, please.

I wish I were exaggerating about how kump’ney motivates me, Reader.

Right now I’m looking at PAINT that needs to be touched up – that I’ve conveniently ignored for several YEARS – but think, “hm, that should really get taken care of tonight!”

Now, it most likely will NOT, and my backup plan is to keep everyone’s glass full up with wine and no one will notice the paint.

Instead of doing any one of the things that should be getting done, though, I determined that this right here needed to be shared.

It’s Young Trixie Bang Bang, way way way a lotta years ago, when she had a Little Dutch Boy haircut

And her infatuation with Garth Brooks during his let’s wear the flag era*

Well, you put those two things together, and here we have young young young skinny-but-she-thought-she-was-fat-my-what-I-wouldn’t-give-to-be-this-“fat”-again Trixie Bang Bang in all her concert finery.

The hair, the shirt and some fifth-row seats, and a SIGN beseeching Garth to SIGN ME, well, it was pert-near a perfect night.

*p.s., I’m still just as infatuated with Garth and wouldn’t be above capturing his eye with matching shirts should our paths cross again.  Because Garth.

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