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The “F” in Diet

Where are we at in this New Year, Reader?  Twenty days into the new year, have you made resolutions that are helping you to be your best you? I started to very loosely strictly follow The F-Factor Diet, because they had me at hello:



As one may guess, I’m really focused on all of those points above. I’m doing a GREAT job at it, actually.

Per the nitty-gritty of the plan, I’ve also become hyper-focused on eating foods with a lot of fiber, targeting at least 35 grams a day, which is frankly very difficult to achieve unless you are hyper-focused on the fiber content of foods.  This is where I bow to the gods who created Fiber One (p.s.- click that link, it’s a really funny story) the long-forgotten cereal I enjoyed when I weighed 120 lbs back in my much much much much younger days. I was a Fiber One-er back in my heyday (as in “hey, girl, hey!” day)

and yet I somehow just abandoned the good things it did for me and moved on to more (actually, less) shitty options.  I’m the hey, girl, hey with the darker hair and the non-vampy pose.

Now, I don’t attribute all that to Fiber One. I exercised, ran on the cross-country team, exercised some more, did hundreds of sit-ups every day on my bedroom floor, and I was like, seventeen.

The long & lanky one next to me, with the sassy pose like she knows what she’s doing, she just opened her own psychology practice. Standing next to her, my very boring pose shows exactly why I never made it as a super model. That’s the only reason.

Time marches on and many things change, including my not-seventeen-year-old bikini body.

However! I’ve added Fiber One back into my day since the beginning of the new year, and I swear-to-fuck, my pants this week were looser. Now, my eating patterns have been modified as a result of trying to cram in a lotta fiber, and I feel much fuller for longer during the day, so I’m sure that is also playing a part. In fact, when I don’t have my nutritionally dense cereal with milk and greek yogurt and raspberries, I am much less satisfied throughout the day and hungry a lot more quickly. So there’s something to this whole eat a buncha fiber thing.

So basically that’s how I’m following the F-Factor diet. I’m eating a buncha fiber. I’m continuing to drink alcohol, dine out, have some carb (although they are mostly of the high-fiber variety), and go to the gym not at all less as directed by the F-Factor diet recommendations. Because I’m nothing if not a tee-totaler-rule-follower. Ahem.

And that’s how we win at dieting. You’re welcome.



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