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Things I Like and You Might, Too.

Reader, I have to get in a second post today so I can test out my new subscribe-via-email thingamajig, it deploys again tonight at 10 p.m., but only if I have something new.

So I’ve decided to share some things I’ve liked in 2017 with you.

But before I do that, I just want to complain for a minute, about how come I’m often on the tail-end of learning about things that other people know for a long time and knowledge-hoard?? For instance, NO ONE – until recently – told me that to combat massive tangles in my hair, to put a Wet Brush in my shower and brush my conditioner through my wet hair, which is much easier than trying to drag a brush through the birds nest that seems to evolve after I get out of the shower. Plus, it keeps it smoother, it dries easier and is overall much much better.

Not a one of you told me to do that, Reader, and for this I blame you.  It took a random trip to a Best Cuts for a blowout for the stylist to tell me it would probably help my tangle-y hair. And she was correct, despite my almost not taking her advice because she smelled like cigarette smoke. Yes, that was almost my deciding factor to trust in her or to not. I never said anything here makes sense, Reader.

In addition to that step, Part Two that I’ve added to the shampooing/conditioning routine was investing in a $6 microfiber hair towel, which I wrap my hairs up in after showering, and it gets a lot of the extra damp out and contributes to a much shorter drying time.

And now I’m officially a Beauty Blogger. BOOM!

Since  I have a newly found status, I may as well share another beauty tip with you.

This is great info for my man reader. You’re welcome.

I learned this from my super-cool Gen Y co-worker at my last company, who shared an inexpensive makeup website which has basically saved me hundreds of dollars, because I haven’t walked into Sephora since.  The makeup website is ColorPop and they have makeup for $5 – nice stuff – and also it’s what all the cool beauty bloggers of Instagram use so you’ll feel like part of the kool kid klub and that? Is priceless. Or at least worth ten bucks.

I’m not a huge fan of their lip stuff, it’s all really matte, and maybe that’s cool when you’re twenty, but my lips like moisture. It’s better for cat-kissing.

So now you’ve learned three good tips from me, and you were thinking that this wasn’t worthy of your time. Now don’t you feel silly.

To Recap:

1/ Trouble with tangles? Stick a wet brush in the shower, brush your conditioner through.

2/ Cut down on the lengthy drying time after shampoo by wrapping your head up in a microfiber drying towel. Use those minutes you save for either more sleep, an extra cuppa morning coffee, or additional cat smooching to start the day.

3/ Wanna try some new makeup without breaking the bank? Go where the kool kids hang out.

And of course I’m not getting any throwback for the reccos. I’m just a giver of info of free, of things I like. Because you might, too, and I may be a lot of things, Reader, but I am not a knowledge hoarder.

I had originally intended to tell you all about the books I enjoyed in 2017, but we never made it there, did we.  Well, there’s still time, it’s a super-short list. I’m no book critic. Just a critic.

Books I read and got something out of in 2017:

1/ You are a Badass. This book? Easy to read, and just a good message to keep yourself grounded in your greatness. If you haven’t heard of the app Overdrive, I also recommend signing up for that – it lets you sign out books from the library to read on your Kindle for free.  I use it all. the time. Because I’m a badass.  And a cheapass. Who uses free library services.

Now, the Badass book needs to come with a companion workbook. So I’ve decided to create my own, as a place to keep working through the lessons. The worst part of reading “better me” books is keeping the momentum going once its over. I need a cliffs notes thing to stay on track with the messages.

2/The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. First, of course I loved it because it has my favorite profanity in the title – it’s like it was written expressly for me. Second, it had really good messages in there. Again, it could use a companion workbook because frankly once I’m done reading a book it’s very hard for me to remember all the little tidbits and lessons. Because I’m old and have a short attention span.

Basically, when I write my book it’ll have a companion workbook with it. Even if it’s just a book about cats, I’ll have a companion book of cats to accompany you, and it may even come with a live cat if you’re lucky.

Speaking of cats, what’s up with all these cities getting “pop up cat cafes” – I totally figured that would be a short-lived fad, but it seems to be growing in popularity. I’d call them ‘catfes’ however, because more accurate. I basically have a cat cafe – you can stop in, get free wi-fi, have a cuppa coffee and pet one of my three cats. No one seems to be clamoring to do that, however, which is why you can understand my surprise that these seem to be a thing people want to do.

Alrightie, I think that’s all the recommendations we can handle in one post. Plus, I can’t remember anything else I read or tips I’ve learned. So there’s that.

What did you love in 2017, Reader? Other than me, that is.

Share! Don’t be accused of being a knowledge hoarder, which Kenny has been called on more than one occasion, mostly when he just grabs and does all the remote things with the tv and then I can’t watch it without him because he hoards all the knowledge on how to turn everything on.

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