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Things to Do in Fiddy-Two

Here we are, with the first of February finding us a month into the new year. And what have I accomplished so far, Reader?

Well, certainly not a lotta writing right here for ya. But you know that already and I know your month has been lacking as a result. Humor me, Reader. It’s how we friendship.

While I never quite got around to a written list of resolving, I did make a few mental checklist items, and I’m still truckin’ along.  I’m calling the list The Fiddy-Two. Because it’s things I hope to do in the next 52 weeks, which also corresponds to oh-my-eff-ing-lawd I’m going to be 52 this year. See, synchronicity, Reader. That’s how that works. Or something.

One thing I wanted to do was be a better stay-in-touch-er. Because that makes me happy. So I’m writing my dad on a weekly basis, because calling is often more difficult. He has a tough time hearing me on the phone, and usually timing is just off. I figure, Hey, I work at the Card Mines. I’m surrounded by cards. I’ve discovered The Best Pen in the World That’s Also Affordable. Write him a note, Me. And that’s what I’ve done, weekly now, and it’s just a little nothing of a note filled with words about the minutia of my week, sans stories about where the cats have peed lately, because we aren’t speaking that into the Universe for fear that the Universe may misinterpret it as a cry for more.

We have more than enough cat pee, Universe. In case we weren’t clear on that point.

I also said hi, hello to new opportunities in January. And I plan to keep up that pace, because it’s usually fun and why not. As a result I’ll be re-connecting with a girl I met once in real life, on a trip to Alaska, and we’ve both said Yes to the Dress, which in this case the Dress is actually a week-long stay at an all-inclusive on Turks and Caicos. Let me also state for the record that this is exactly my favorite kind of dress.

How do we know we’ll get along in person for seven days? Well, firstly, Reader, in case you didn’t know it, I am fun AF. Usually. And then to cement the deal I told her, “Well, be warned, I’ve been told I’m a snore-er” to which she replied, “Fuck it, I wear a sleep apnea mask,” so I’d say we’re a match made in heaven if heaven is full of snorers who momentarily die in their sleep throughout the night.

p.s. Reader, I’m currently drinking rum from the island of Bermuda from when I was there last June and it is a fucking delight on my tongue on this first day of February. This Goslings rum? Is also good AF. 

Last night I had the very fortunate opportunity to catch up with my childhood friend from 5th grade and beyond. Or 6th grade. Maybe 6th grade. I can’t remember, I’m old and drunkish.

Anyway, I super love her and it was nice, although – and I know this is going to come as a surprise to you – sometimes my mouth will. not. stop. talking.  I just said words and words and words and words and teared up at times and kept saying words. I think it’s because she’s a counselor/therapist and has too good of a way about her of listening. So basically I blame her, which I’ll then blame that statement on the alcohol, so no ownership, yay me!

Other things I did in the first month of the new year include almost reaching my goal of reading one book per month – which isn’t even a lofty goal, yet somehow I was unable to summit that mountain. Because usually I’m tired, or watching too many episodes of Forensic Files. But I at least am reading more than I did last year, so I put that in the Win pile of my mind’s list.

By the way, I’m reading The Paris Wife, which now has me completely enamored with finding out more about Hemingway, and I want to go back to Key West – where I just was in December! – and re-visit Hemmy’s house and really gawk around at the pictures in there. I’ve been three times already, which is why we didn’t do it again in December, except now I’d have a new appreciation for all the little tidbits and factoids the tour guide would share. And also he’s kindof a jerk who for some really weird reason wanted to box all his friends, and I blame that one-thousand-percent on the fact that they didn’t have t.v., so right there is just one more reason television is great. It keeps the men from just stripping off their shirts after dinner and boxing each other. No one wants to see that, Testosterone Guys.

That’s not all that happened in this first glorious month of the brand-spanking new year, but it’s enough to talk about for now. Mostly because see above: drinking rum, and Forensic Files isn’t going to watch itself this evening.

Your turn, Reader. What exciting thing happened for you in January? Let’s celebrate the Wins, no matter how big or small.


2 thoughts on “Things to Do in Fiddy-Two

  1. Hi Tracey- we may be polar pen opposites. I like thin points- the thinner the better. My new favorite is the Pilot Juice .3 out of Japan. My absolute favorite pen porn shop is JetPens.com. But I am warning you- worse than beauty products for having too many.

    1. I think our pen preferences reflect our body types lol – mine is fat and juicy, yours is thin and precise!!
      I almost bought another lipstick this morning. I had to have a firm talking-to with myself.

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