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The Bang Bang Theories

I’m a-moving on up. Just like the Jeffersons.

We’re getting hi-tech over here at Chez Bang Bang, Reader.

I’m working on adding a “subscribe via email” section so you never have to miss a word. Because that? Would be totally tragic, no hyperbole there.

Sign up.  You won’t need to wait on Facebook to find out What’s Happening.

You’ll only get an email when there’s a new post. No spam-sies.

The first time I went to add the code for this I crashed the entire website. It was a good time. Especially for her Website Genius who received a frantic message, but he was able to reboot her back into business. Because his last name is Genius.

And then he told the non-tech girl, “Give me a heads up if you’re going to touch your stuff again.”

But I didn’t this time because I think I’ve grown smarter overnight. I read a tutorial and everything.

I’ve got a test email going to myself. I needed a new post for it to engage. So that’s why we have this buncha nothing. But for realz, subscribe if you’d like. Who knows how long I’ll be around Facebook in the New Year.  I’ve got Big Creative Plans I’m working on and need to cut the fat somewhere. And I’m not starting with the butter I smeared on my Storm-Warning Nutroll.

What in the world is a Storm-Warning Nutroll, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. When we got the word yesterday that an ice storm was descending upon us and we were dismissed from the Card Mines early, my first emergency-preparedness stop was at the bakery, and then the convenience store for coffee creamer. If I’m going to be snowed in, I’m going to be snowed in with better-than-homemade nutroll and copious cuppsa joe.

And that’s exactly what’s happening here today.


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