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Top Knot

It’s Sunday afternoon, Wednesday night at 9:39 p.m., and I should be packing but here we sit, Reader.  Because all good intentions on Sunday blew by the wayside. But regardless of what happened then, and what I should be doing now, it’s a few o’holy nights before Christmas so it’s time to get our feels on.

How do I have twelve months to prepare for Christmas and it always seems to spring up on me?  Although, since I’m preparing for a holiday trip, and knew I needed to speed up the festivity preparations I will say that cards have been mailed, all gifts have been ordered and are out for delivery to my out-of-state family, cookies were made and shared, what little amount of gifts I have here are all wrapped and ready.

Oh, you’re not letting me blow by the holiday trip comment?  I can’t slip one by you, Reader, can I.  Yes, we leave for a trip in the morn. So once again, instead of packing, I’m here for you. I mean, right here at my kitchen table and not necessarily there for you. ATTN Robbers & Thieves: STAY AWAY. OF COURSE I have a house sitter and cat-pee-cleaner-upper, and he’s prepared to kill you if needed.* He will be here the entire time we are gone, so don’t try any funny business.

So I’ll be having a brown Christmas this year, right there on the beach.

I keep meaning to get back to posting about all the nostalgia, so why not now. Let’s do it, Reader.  I’m not prepared to make it as entertaining of a story as it was originally in my head, but we’re drinking  little wine and let’s see what happens here. Usually what I write is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

But before we get into the nostalgia, let’s talk about one little thing.  After I got out of the nail salon this evening I popped into Dollar Tree to try and find a cat-head size Santa hat, because I had one and then I lost it and I had hoped to fuck off be productive just a little more tonight and take some Cats in Santa Hats 2017 Pictures since I’ll be gone on our traditional night of shenanigans.

I couldn’t find one, but did browse around for a minute and found one of those bun makers for the top of your head. Well, not necessarily YOUR head, but a head with hair long enough to put up in a bun.

I thought maybe I’d glam up my look, ala this:

The reality?

So yeah, don’t fret, Reader, thinking I’m going to run away and become a beauty blogger and give up shelling out a buncha nonsense to you.

High fashion just maybe isn’t for me, unless we mean “high” fashion and then maybe I’d look pretty and we’d enjoy a pizza, chips and some donuts together.

And YES, I know I look awful and tired and have messy smeared make up. Because I don’t like to hide behind my image of total perfection for you. I keep it realz. For YOU, Reader, so if nothing else you can feel better about yourself.

Alright, so once again we didn’t get to the nostalgia. I don’t think we ever will at this rate, Reader. Assume it would be something good.


*I’m not totally sure if he’s ready to kill you, but just assume he is. Because he might. Don’t risk it, Bad Guys. We’re jumpy around here. 

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  1. Your bun is a flop,hahaha but was good for a laugh. Hope you have a fabulous time, don’t burn your cookie. Merry Christmas

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