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The Bang Bang Theories

What You Wish For

Reader. I really need to set my wishing-bar a little higher. But I have been happily surprised to have had my second birthday wish granted early once again!

I came home from work tonight, breaking my wishy-washy agreement with myself of Gym, and pulled into and parked in my garage! That sentence deserves the !!!! because YES! Now, it’s not DONE, but it’s suitable. It’s not just junked up to the ceiling with things precariously resting on other things.

I do have a box of crap I want to sell or donate sitting in there, maybe I’m suitably inspired to take a photo of it tonight and post it. I had tried to sell the items individually, to no avail. But perhaps a grab-bag of crap might entice someone to make my junk their treasure. Christmas is a-comin’;  I’m sure there is something in there that would make a good secret santa gift. Hm. Maybe i’d better go check it out for my own needs. And that, Reader, is how I end up with a garage full o’ stuff.

That cleaned out garage so inspired me that I’ve already got a load of rugs in the washer, have cleaned up the litter boxes and mopped the floor in there to boot. All before even having a glass of water. Or wine. I think this calls for something more than water. I’m going to cheers to me, Reader. I suggest you find a reason to cheers to you, too. Because it’s Wednesday. And life’s unexpected. So find some reason to cheers to yourself. It’ll make Wednesday just a little less workday.

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