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The Bang Bang Theories

Nothing Much To See Here

Good Evening, Reader. It’s Smunday, which is that time on Sunday when you start thinking about your work week. I learned that on Facebook today, and thought you should know, too. I’m gearing down. I’ve got a bizzzy week, and as usual, Night Girl thinks that Morning Girl should get up early and work out, as a way to jumpstart the day and start getting in shape before her May girlie trip with her friendie.  You know, doing the countdown….if I lose 2 lbs./day, I can lose 110 lbs. before our trip, because that makes perfect sense and is completely do-able. And wow, I would be wafer thin!

But then I think, “Well, I do have that chocolate babka sitting on the counter, and it’s not going to eat itself.”

So you can see the dichotomy of the Warring Me’s

This is really just a quickie, to say hi Reader, I promised more me this month and gol’dern it, I will not let us down, even if I have nothing of interest to say. You will be worded by me. But I don’t have much time because it’s late and I’ve got two Walking Dead’s to catch up on, and you know, priorities.

I thought you may be interested in a Spidey Bitey Foot Update, although it’s last year’s news, the swelling is ongoing. I wore less comfy shoes a week or so ago for a few hours – now, they should have been perfectly comfy shoes, they were Sketchers Go Walks, known for comfort, but they still left a line of demarkation across the top of my foot as it swelled up as the day wore on.  I can’t even remember exactly what I was doing that day, but knowing me, rest assured it wasn’t enough to have warranted all this swelling.

It did, however, warrant a bubble bath, and so I thought I’d show you a completely unsexy foot in the tub. You can see the scar, it’s usually purple in color. Sometimes it’s an angry red, but mostly purple.

So there it is. Now you can get on with your week. You’re welcome.

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