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O. M. G. Reader – it’s March already and I haven’t been here since the beginning of February.  One might mistakenly think that I was off doing Very Glamorous Things, and I was, if you consider switching internet providers and then not having internet service at home for a week, and then coughing myself into sore ribs and a constant headache this week – if you consider that glamorous, then yes, I have been leading a very glamorous life ~she typed, then straightened her tiara, wherein “straightening her tiara” is actually sipping her nighttime cough tea~

Very. Glamorous.

However! It wasn’t all no-internet and coughing – I did go to New York City for a work trade show a couple of weekends ago. I was flying solo, which is never quite as much fun as going with my co-worker, but I still managed to see a Broadway show, Beautiful, The Carole King Story, which was mag.nif.i.cent.  I had a 3rd row seat, which was indulgently delicious, and I loved this show so hard I wanted to marry it, except that would make me a Mormon, collecting another wife to go along with my Instant Pot Wife and Mitchell’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Wait. I technically DO have two wives already, so I guess I am a Mormon. Hm. Religion is tricky.

But really. Reader, if you like shows, this is worth a ticket. That was probably my February highlight.

March and I, on the other hand, are having a rocky start with this coughing situation. After the 3rd day of missing work today, I hauled myself to the Minute Clinic to see what’s what. Because I wasn’t sure I had a real “thing” that needed to be treated, but my dad’s lady friend said, “Suuugar, that sure sounds like bronchitis to me,” when I was on the phone with her the other night.

So I went to get it checked out, and sure enough, bronchitis. Now I have a prescription of something, and an inhaler because I’ve been short of breath, and my ribs hurt from coughing, and also don’t get me started laughing, which is exactly what happened when I was reading though my Minute Clinic report while waiting for my ‘scripts to be filled. 

That happened.

And I think that it will probably be the highlight of my March, and also the title of my book that I’m writing, if by “writing” we mean writing only in my head and not actually on paper or computer. But now, with this sentence, I need to write a book as this is begging to be my byline.

I’ll be back soon. Pinky swears.  Stop back. I’ve missed you, Reader, and I’m sure you’ve missed me too. Because let’s face facts: I’m a charmer.  A well-developed, well-nourished charmer.

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