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The Bang Bang Theories

Bent, Not Broken

Broken promises, Reader. That’s all I am able to give you at the moment.  Oh, it’s not for lack of stories. Those, I have pee-lenty. I just have not made the time to blab them down here for you. Because I really haven’t had many minutes to spare when I’m not bushed.

In fact, I have so few minutes to spare I shouldn’t even be sitting here right this very moment at 12:20 a.m. I should be finishing packing – I have a work trip to Chicago in a very few short hours.

But I just wanted to say hi. I”m thinking of you, Reader. I know you’re sometimes thinking of me. Don’t give up on us, baby.  With a little luck – and a little time – we can make this whole damn thing work out.

Now go watch Starsky & Hutch reruns until I get back.

Trixie Bang Bang Fun Fact: Back in her childhood, she’d play Starsky & Hutch with her cousin we’ll call Dawn (because that is her name) and she’d insist on being Starsky because she wasn’t into blond guys, she had a penchant for the more swarthy fellas. Then one time, riding her bike all reckless through the woods on a high-speed chase, “Starsky” fell of her bike and sprained her ankle and cried.



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