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The Bang Bang Theories

Wow Now Brown Cow.

Well, it’s just like I planned it, Reader – here we are, on a Tuesday because I procrastinated worked hard around my house until after midnight, so we are right on track with Giving Tuesday. I’m not really sure if every Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, or if that’s a special Tuesday, and while I could ask Almighty Google, we will go with the idea that it’s every Tuesday. Because the world could use a tich more giving anyway.

And as promised, we are going to have a little product demonstration of my new find. Now, you may already know and love this product, and I’m the one behind the 8-ball on cool things and if that’s the case I wholeheartedly lay the blame at your feet, Reader, for NOT SHARING. If you have a cool product you love, tell us – or me at the very least – about it! Not to the point of turning this into a commercial, because that would be rude, but in the spirit of making each other’s lives just a tich easier.

I don’t think it even needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway to be clear – I’m in no way compensated for this product endorsement, nor was one sent to me for free, and the one I’m giving away is just because I love you, Reader, and you’re worth $13. If I could afford it I’d send you all Instant Pots so we’d all have a stay-at-home wife who makes delicious dinners, and they for sure aren’t paying me, although they really should be by now. Do you hear that, Instant Pot makers?? Because come on now. Pony up.

But back to the product at hand.  I know you’re waiting with bated breath. This is how “real time” we are around here, I just got done creating the video and it’s soooo long, it’s like I think I’m a Kardashian and just kept talking. It’s nine damn minutes of me talking and demonstrating and blinking and fucking with my bangs. And I can’t do it over, or I’d have to re-make-up my face, and that sure as shit isn’t happening this time of night.

So. Since I don’t expect anyone to sit through all that, I’m going to just tell you what my favorite product of the moment is because you have lives to lead and can’t spend nine minutes watching me take make-up off my face. Unless you want to, and I do encourage a little of that because Kitty Purry makes a brief appearance, and that’s worth it. And also I got alcohol in my my eye, and not the kind ya drink, which would have been more fun, but of the Isopropyl variety, which was a lot less fun and just stingy.

Here’s my new favorite make-up thing: The Make Up Eraser, which I kept calling it the Magic Eraser, which it basically is, so truth.
makeupThis little shamwow for your face is amazing.

And if you want to see Kitty Purry, me after a shower, me getting alcohol in my eye, and me using my shamwow, go watch the video. Say hi in the comments here, or on Facebook, or even just a “like” is fine on Facebook.  I’ll pick a winner on Friday. Sometime on Friday, I’m not committing to a time. There’s a reason My Mister calls me “Concept.” Because I have no concept of time, or so he says, which I cannot even take umbrage with because it’s now after 1 a.m. and here we are. So yeah. Concept.






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