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& A Dollar Short…

….so here we are on Friday…er… SATURDAY, to announce our winner from the End-of-Year Gift Giveaway from Trixie Bang Bang. Yup. Saturday. Just like I said we would.

We had seven total entrants for the free Magic Make-up Eraser. You know, Reader, for all the alcohol that went into my eyeball, you’d think more of you would have been clamoring for one of these fine sham-wows, but nope. So the odds were ever in your favor, a 1 in 7 chance.


And now we have a winner!!

I made an official bowl of names this morning – a Trixie Bang Bang morning, that is, like at 1:00 p.m., complete with folded papers that I swirled around in the official cereal contest bowl.


And then to be completely unbiased, I handed the bowl to My Mister, who held it way up over his head to ensure he couldn’t see a name, and he selected…..


still drumming….


Yep!! Joanne, who also happens to be one of my bests AND also by the way left me a very nice comment telling me lies about my prettiness and funnish-ness, so I’m glad I wasn’t the one to draw the name or it would seem fishy, and her Make Up Eraser has been ordered from Amazon and is on it’s way to her.

I’m also sending one to my hair stylist, as we’ve already discussed the tough job she has keeping me groomed, so one was going to her before the contest even happened.

Thanks for liking/commenting, Reader – I do appreciate your participation, it’s how I justify in my mind that I’m not just sitting here fucking off when bathtubs should be getting scrubbed, but rather I’m doing my part as an educator. And educator in nonsense and make-up removal, but so be it.

Speaking of scrubbing the bathtub, I purchased and just received the Hurricane Spin Scrubber Cleaning Brush, and I have to say I’m super-excited to go and try it out. One more reason to not have to bend over, is what I’m saying. Even less exercise will be happening around Chez Bang Bang in 2017 if this little gizmo lives up to my expectations. But comeon, Reader – I have three bathtubs here. That’s a lot of scrubbing that should be taking place. And now will. Hopefully. I’ll keep you posted on how much I love it.  Stay tuned. I know you can hardly wait with that sort of a teaser.



2 thoughts on “& A Dollar Short…

    1. Well, I’m disappointed that it wasn’t my spin scrubber – it was a shelf I guess I accidentally ordered!! I didn’t realize I had “checked out” for this damn thing and now I have to return it. And I’m still waiting to spin scrub my tubs.

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