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The Bang Bang Theories

And So It Begins…

…the 50 year old brain, that is.   Although it’s a little early, at least it’s keeping up with the body, wherein it’s just breaking the eff down, and how.

It’s been pointed out to me that in my prior post, the Marine Corp Birthday is actually 11/10, not 11/7, and it’s 7 days from that til MY birthday, and so it was all scrambled.  That’s what happens when you haven’t dressed your goose in several years.

On the plus side, I still have a few days to dress said goose. So yeah.  Who’s looking like the dummy now?? (still pointing finger at myself….)

OH!! And to add even more fully to this confusion, the DATE on the top of my posts is a DAY AHEAD!! I think I must be a time traveller, it’s the only logical explanation, because I swear I’m sitting here all comfy cozy in the 7th of the month, yet I can’t get the date to change.  So yep. Time Travelling. I’m already seeing you this weekend.

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