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Perchance to Dream


From the other side.

The other side being my place, of course. So Hi, Reader.

That card was actually a really nice note I received all the way from Seattle, from someone I used to work with at Tiny Town. She was one of the nicest people there and we’re still in touch via Almightie Facebook.

She heard about my laments with falling asleep at a reasonable hour – because it was tough to ignore my 3 a.m. laments on FB – and offered to send me her magic sleeping oils.  I said yes, please, because even Ambien isn’t doing a full trick with getting me to sleep, as evidenced by my staying up til about 5 a.m. re-watching Trainwreck on tv last night. After I’d taken a Vicodin, because on Friday’s I have footsie pain because I’ve seen my surgeon that day and he pokes around in there with a cotton swab on long stick, and that hurts, dammit. So yes, please and thank you on the Magic Oils.

I’ve tried using lavender oils and different inexpensive mixes of sleeping oils that I’ve purchased for $4.99 from TJ Maxx, and while they smell nice, they don’t really help me sleep that I can tell.

So Tiny Town Friend’s oils arrived with a nice notecard, and they smell AH. Mazing.  It’s some wonderful blend that I’d like to bathe myself in and then walk around sniffing myself all day. I’ve been rollering myself with it and it does give me a hard case of the yawns after about 15 minutes, but I think I’m fighting sleep and then I battle my way through it and remain up.  But while I’m up I smell delightful.

I need to get this shit figured out as I have just about one more week with the wound vac. My doc said he’s thinking it can come off next Friday, to which I say Hooray!

However. Whilst the vac is going to be removed, there is no way in sweet heaven the wound is going to be covered over with fresh skin in time for my Coroning in Cancun for Birthday Week, so another trip shall be postponed.  And now I’m thinking do I just do the trip I really want, in early 2017, and get my ass on a plane for a 2-week trip to Bora Bora, New Zealand and Australia?? That’s where I’m landing with the idea as I sit here right now.  I’m taking the canceling of the nice trip as a sign that I should be doing the dream trip. Time waits for no one.

So that’s my big dilemma right now. Reader, I know, I know – hardships.

The other hardship I have? Is while I can’t seem to fall asleep when the sun is sleeping, I have no problem with an afternoon nap in the living room on Friday afternoons. The surgeon appointment is usually exhausting for some reason, and I need to lie down once i get home.

Yesterday this was my view from the couch while taking a little siesta.


And that’s just reason #482 why I love my house. And also it’s time for me to pack up the deck furniture and store it away from a long harsh Cleveland winter. And also that sentence reminds me of why I need to book my February get-away to Bora Bora.


2 thoughts on “Perchance to Dream

  1. Tell you the truth Trixie…..DON’T RUSH THE PROCESS. I just got back from a few days at a very upscale retirement home. I took my co-author up to see her sister. I met and talked with people who didn’t take care of themselves….and all are in wheel chairs with 24-hour caretakers hovering about. And then I met MANY much older people that were walking around upright, going on day bus trips and having a nice meal in the dining room socializing – and they were 95- 102!!!!! What is the takeaway? Do you want to RUSH the healing process for a trip now, or do you want to allow your body to heal well….take a later trip…..and have a HEALTHY old age with healthy feet? These very thoughts got me to reevaluate my ‘bad treatment’ of my body and got my ass moving! If I HAVE to live long – I want to be as healthy as I can be!

    1. Oh, i’m not rushing it – not that I could even if I had wanted to…it’s going at it’s own pace. And yes, if I am fortunate enough to live long, I’d like to do it like my grandmother, in her own home, and on her own two feet!

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