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The Bang Bang Theories

A Day in the Life Of

Hi Reader, hey there!

It’s been an uneventful day or so at Chez Bang Bang, and I’m okay with that. We’re keeping it simple and easy around here.  We are reminding ourselves daily to be grateful for what we have. I say “we” like I’m multiple people, but mostly it’s just me, and whatever I make the cats think.

My stamina is weak.  Weaker than my usual sits-too-much self.  So I’ve tried to do a bit of walking around, which is an accomplishment considering I still have a hole on my footsie.

Today I grabbed my sexy walker and we went down the block. We made it two houses down, but it’s a long two houses because I have this whole lot between Chez Bang Bang and the next house.


I say “we” went for a walk, because Nosey was super-excited to be showing off for me outdoors.


He ran fast across the yard to meet me at the pine trees.

Running fast for him is an accomplishment. Reader, he’s weighing in this week at the 19 lb. marker.

Nineteen. Pounds. For a beloved indoor/outdoor house cat. Who’s not a special breed of large cats. He’s just a large cat.

He’s my husky football linebacker.

I don’t know how to put just one cat of a giant clowder on a diet. I have eight three others that need to eat at their convenience, so I leave the feeder of food out.

Ah well. I imagine I’m just going to have a beefy cat.

I still haven’t turned on the heat in the house yet. My friend Eunice from hot-ass Texas told me to just break tradition and turn it on, but I couldn’t do it. I think I’m just stubborn about it now. I mean, November is just a whisper away at this point.

It’s not as if I’m sitting around with a babushka on my head. I do turn on the fireplace in the living room, and it knocks the chill off the front rooms, so it’s not as if it’s cold in here.


Someone wearing a permanent fur coat would disagree with that assertion.



I’m not kitten you, Reader – he wrapped himself up in that blanket.

It’s the blankie I normally keep on my lap while I wait for the fireplace to do it’s job, and well, he finds a way to ensconce himself and hunker down for a long, hard winter.

Look at that again, Reader. He assume that position without THUMBS.  I call that quite an accomplishment and he should make Youtube videos for other chilly housepets, teaching them how to bundle up against a mama who has archaic thermostat rules.

Whilst I’ve been sitting around with far too much computer on my hands, I purchased a new lens for my camera phone. It was not mucho dinero, just a cheapie little thing to play around with.

It lets me take super-up-closey pictures like this one, highlighting the details of the bud while making a pretty blur of the surrounding noise.


Amazon, I need to find a way to quit you.


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