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The Bang Bang Theories

The Big Bang Bang Theory

Here we are, Reader!! Just when you were beginning to think that all I was doing was not meeting any of my February goals, you realize that I was in fact, doing behind-the-scenes stuff. All for you, Reader. All for you.

Apology accepted.

So yeah. We’ve moved on from That’s What She Said to our brand new, custom art of Me-Me-Me plus Cat, and a new title. Because I’m made up of 70% water, and the rest is cats and a lot of cake. The title also is a little reminiscent of one of my earliest writer-crushes, Erma Bombeck.images

If I could do a fraction of funny as well as Erma, I would consider my writing life a success. Which is still a high standard.

So yeah. Bookmark the new page. I’ll write stuff. You can squander thirty seconds of your day and sometimes maybe get a chortle out of it. Make it worth my efforts, Reader. And the efforts of my tech team, a.k.a. one guy, and my highly-renowned artist friend who didn’t know exactly what kinda diva he was working with when I said, “Hey, can you create a character for Trixie Bang Bang?” over a steak sandwich one weekend afternoon. His own fault, frankly, for wanting to meet the girl behind the blog. Be careful for what you wish for, Reader, is the lesson he learned. Because, as I’ve been told by an ex-boyfriend or two, “You know, you’re really quite bossy.”

I like to call it Directional.


2 thoughts on “The Big Bang Bang Theory

  1. Thanks for popping by! I’m liking it too, it was a fun little project . For me. Maybe not so much for the art and tech guys 🙂

  2. I love your new look! And maybe you’re “directional,” but your new image is perfect. Probably because you were so directional.

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