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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s Not Just About Glass

In my job, which I don’t talk about here in any length because boundaries, I get to do some cool-to-me stuff. I get to find products and offer them up to my customers and sometimes I make really cool connections with things that I love. 

Basically anything that does a little good in the world gets to me. Because there is so so much that can be bad (ISIS, anyone?), that I love the daily reminders that there is good things and good people around every corner, and not just bad people who want to chop you up. Thanks for all the mistrust, Forensic Files. 
In my Dream Life, I’d love to create something that gave back to people/the world/the earth/the animals.  I’d love to be the founder of something awesome. 

But the reality is I can barely keep up with keeping my clowder of cats in check and poop off the floor (from said clowder, not from me), so I think this is part of the Dream Life in which I am also an early riser, a healthy eater who can say, “No, thank you” to cake, and someone who just loves to exercise and can’t wait to get out of bed to do it.  You know, that Dream Me which just doesn’t exist at all, but likes to think about it a lot because it’s aspirational, but not probable. 

All those ideals are things I embrace wholeheartedly. In my mind. Then I have another bite of cake, settle in for reruns of tv, and cuddle up with my kittehs thinking about the good we might do one day. 

So basically, you have to recognize your limits, Reader. Know what you’re good at and do more of that, instead of trying to always change your weaker points.  

I’m good at finding some cool stuff. And sharing that cool stuff. And talking about that cool stuff. And getting excited about that cool stuff. And telling my friends about that cool stuff, where my voice gets high-pitched and even squeakier because I’m so excited, and then they catch my excitement, too. And hopefully that is how I contribute, by getting others excited about it, and we all support the programs and it’s basically a win-win-win and I didn’t have to get up at 5 a.m. to do sit-ups, like in that ridiculous Dream Life. 

Here’s what I’m sharing with you tonight, Reader. I’m launching this product on my work website, to bring awareness to this cool product, inspire people to gift it for themselves or someone they heart, people get happy and say, “That Trixie, she’s something else!” and not in the bad way,  with the shameful, embarrassed headshake that I’m accustomed to.

This is what I love today:
Maybe you will, too. 
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