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The Bang Bang Theories

Some Things Change

So February. 

I created some goals for myself and ol’ February.  

Hung a calendar on the pantry door so my progress was in my face from where I sit at the table and eff off on the computer, aka writing nonsense here, checking Facebook incessantly, checking email incessantly, reading news, reading non-news….just generally entertaining myself instead of doing active things. 

Now the calendar’s in my face, reminding me that I said a goal out loud to go to the gym sometimes this month. I wasn’t more specific than that, so I’m not falling behind at all, and it did inspire me to consider it after eating dinner tonight (which just ended). Instead I sit here meeting my other February goal of blogging every single day this month, to get my rusty brain some exercise since the rest of me is falling to shit. 

I thought maybe just maybe I could do the “get up early” thing, but so far that has not been met with success. FYI, Reader, it’s cold at Chez Bang Bang in the morning, because the homeowner keeps the house at 62 degrees throughout the night. Because she she has a clowder to keep her warm. And possibly the beginning stages of hot flashes, but that really seems ridiculously early at 39. Ahem.

Anyway, I’ve got some other goals on my to-do list this month, and one of it includes a little revamp of this site.  Big-a things are a-happening.  Maybe. If I can get it together. And make time to learn some stuff. And regain some creativity. It’s touch-and-go sometimes. What I’m saying is, I’m not making any guarantees. But I do have a big creative brain on my side, so there’s a strong possibility something will take place here. 

So Reader, while this is a rather blah entry, I still get to count it and I’ll leave you with this smooch, since it’s Valentine’s Day month.  

Love is Love, after all. 


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