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The Bang Bang Theories

Shame on Me.

Pinterest is, once again, a lying asshole.  

When will I learn, Reader? Overlooking the bajillion other times I’ve tried and failed at an easy-peasy Pinterest project, the most recent one is still fresh enough in my memory that one would think I would steer clear. One would think. 

Just a month or so ago I had Big Plans to create this for a baby shower I was hosting for my nephew’s little bambino that’s due to arrive this month:

Pretty, huh? 

Yes, it is. 

Really pretty.

I had no doubt I could achieve this very same effect at Chez Bang Bang with enough tissue paper and elevated food stands. 

I spent don’t-even-ask-how-much, as well as hours off of my lifespan from trips to Walmart, for tissue paper to create these little hanging poms of festive.  

And then I worked til the WEE HOURS of the morn, Reader, accordion-folding and cutting and taping string, to the point that it was just flat-out ridiculous and I finally wised up and realized I was going to have to supplement my pom’s with some pre-mades from Amazon if I was going to get these made before the babies tenth birthday.

So yeah. More money spent. Thanks again, Pinterest.  

All that effort and several blisters later, and tah-dah! 

Chez Bang Bang looked EXACTLY LIKE the Pinterest photo.  

So when something as simple as taco night presented the opportunity to show off yet another little life hack learned on Pinterest, it’s no wonder I latched right on. 

I had recalled the most easy, makes-sense-outta-the-world way to fill your taco shell, a little tip I’d seen on my friend Pinterest. 

Ya just take a fork, and hold the shell with the tines, like so, and fill your taco like a pro:

Of course I tried this. Or course I did! Because I’m Pinterest’s bitch.

Guess what actually happens with this little method, Reader?  Hard crunchy shell being forced between some tines? 

Taco Shell Sandwich is what happens, Reader. 

Because it breaks right in two, pretty quickly in fact, and actually made the taco easier to eat in sandwich format. 

But the important part of this whole question is this: Why? Why would 

#1/ Anyone think that filling a taco is so difficult that a “hack” had to be created for the process and 
#2/ Why would a mediumly-educated grown woman (ahem. Me.) feel the need to improve on the taco filling process to the extent that I a.) read about it, b.) took up space in my brain remembering it and c:) actually put it into practice?  

These are the questions that will haunt me at night.  

And oh, by the way, Pinterest, but NOBODY wants to color with them. No one is excited about their box of broken crayons. Everyone wants the new 152 piece set, perfectly sharpened tips in their little box – we’re all reaching for unbroken Cerulean Blue.  So if you’re going to try to motivate me, try a little harder. 


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