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The Bang Bang Theories

Catching Up

Well, hey there, Reader, Hello! I really really thought this whole “Unemployed Trixie Bang Bang” stint would have me pounding out a litany of nonsense to fill my hours and your minutes. Instead, I’ve found I’ve been short on words lately and long on projects instead. 

This is the first time EVER in the history of EVER that I’ve actually gotten all my yard work done (well, weeding, trimming, raking, planting and so forth – I still have some bolder projects on my list, like adding steps to my hard-to-walk-up hillside, and planting something nice along the side of the house) DONE before Memorial Weekend. I’m usually the house that gets the yard looking acceptable in August, and then it’s time to put it all away and rake up dead leaves soon.  I’ve got flower pots hanging, some deer food…er, I mean flowers…planted in the ground, and my upstairs deck is cute-ed up. At least it is for the moment, it’s all coming off the deck today because I’m going to stain the deck as soon as I’m done here. My friend Murdoch gave me several gallons of stain a while ago (2 years?) and I’ve finally got the time to use it. We have a short window for staining in Ohio. It has to be warm, but not too warm, with no rain in sight. So I’m going to give it a go today. Let’s hope for the best, Reader. I’ve never done this project before. 

Come over this summer, Reader. We’ll have drinks on the deck. You’re invited any time.  That’s the other perk of unemployment. I sort of a have a company-ready house most of the time. I mean, as long as you don’t look behind closed doors.  The main area is sort of okay most of the time. I’ve been beating the clutter back with a stick. 

So speaking of the unemployment, I’m still unemployed. The money part totally bites a big one, but the not working at Tiny Town part is the BEST THING EVER.  I do not miss the crazy stress one little bit. I’ve heard it’s been midnight hours there more than once, and I wish that were an exaggeration, but I’ve heard they were there working til midnight. How happy would I be if that were me, Reader? I’ll give you one guess.  I’ve really had the chance to re-evaluate things and I frankly do  not want to get back into a high-stress job like that again.  It really makes me too bitchy and frowny.  I mean, I’m going to have to do something, and I almost had a panic attack about employability the other day, and the woe-is-me-will-I-ever-work-agains tried to take root in my brain but I fought it off. I have a good support network to talk me off the ledge when that happens.  My friend Amy called me right away and a few other folks chimed in to stop it in it’s tracks. 

So don’t let me kid you, it’s not all Fun-Employment, as my friend coined it for me. Because I have been having a lot of fun. But sometimes the worries sit with me for a bit. Then I go to the grocery store at 2 p.m. when no one else is there, or sit out on the deck in the sunshine and read a book at 3 p.m., or meet up with friends, or just enjoy my house and I put it the worries back where they belong. Also sleeping til when-the-fuck-ever I want is sort of nice, too. Lately that time has been noon. The other day I beat my own record and I slept until 1:00 p.m. Even I was a little embarrassed about that.  But mostly I was refreshed. 

That’s about all I’ve got going on at this particular moment. I’ve had so many other things I wanted to share with you, but this is where my fingers decided to go today.  Maybe some other stuff will come later. I really haven’t been feeling very creative at all lately, but I’m going to force some words out every day for the next week to sort of get back into the habit. Because you miss me, Reader (shhhh….let me believe that, I’m unemployed, don’t crush my spirit)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the other venture I’ve taken on lately. I can’t even believe it myself, but I’ve decided to become a Mary Kay consultant. Meaning, I’m going to start selling Mary Kay skin care. Because I tried the product recently and it’s awesome. I used to use it years and years ago, but was recently re-introduced to it and was hooked, lined, and sinkered on it.  I was sooooo soft and smooth! So yeah. I’m getting that off the ground June 1st. If you need a hook-up on soft and smoothness, let me know.  Even if you don’t let me know, there’s a good chance I’ll be calling you to give you a facial soon.  Don’t block my call, that will hurt my feelings. I’m unemployed, remember (yep, there’s the pity card, I just played it!)

Happy Friday, Readers! Commemorate Memorial Weekend. Thanks, Veterans, and all Military personnel for your service. I need to hang a flag. And dress up my cat in the Uncle Sam outfit. Stay tuned for a picture of Patriotic Kitty Purry. She’ll be as thrilled as you are right now. 

The end. 

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