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The Bang Bang Theories


Well, I know you are waiting with bated breath, Readers! So I opted to NOT do a live video contest -winner-picking-thingamajig because sometimes my ambitions exceed my reality, and really, who needs to watch that video of me in the morning.  No one, Reader, that’s who.  

But we did do an official name-writing-down-on-a-list AND I did use the Cabo Wabo hat because it should get some use since I drunk-paid probably twenty-five bucks for it. I may have paid a hundred, who really knows when the tequila takes hold. It seemed like a good deal at the time, but we had been drinking for about six hours by that point.  I wish that were an exaggeration. 

The contest had seven participants, thank you all for the GREAT tips. I’d like to say I’ve been adding them to my daily routine, but that would be a lie, because basically I’ve not been doing much except sitting around in my unemployment with a smile on my face.  But today’s a new day, new month, and I’m going to look into a number of the great ideas! In particular, I’m going to check out the free videos Carla recommended, and double up my water, and say no to Oreos. 

I know Carla didn’t want to be added to the contest, but in all fairness I threw her name in the hat anyway because she told me I’m pretty gave me some great tips. 

By the way, Reader, she’s the ONLY one who told me I was pretty and nice. Ya’ll got some work to do on your compliments. Ahem. 

Kenny was the official name picker, as a *very* disinterested neutral bystander. 

And now for the big reveal….pretend there’s a drum roll……

JACKIE!! was the first name pulled from the Cabo Wabo hat!! 

And since I was late with the winner announcement and have a runner-up winner. 

JOY!! is the lucky winner of the 2nd Giveaway Bracelet!!

You are now both like Charlie Sheen, #Winning!, only you’re not getting a stripper and blow sent to your doorstep. At least not by me, I don’t know what you may do in your personal time. No judging here, Readers. 

You can email me your shipping info to: tracyeoh@yahoo.com
Please put CONTEST in the subject line so I don’t miss it amongst all the emails I get to increase my penis size. 

Jackie, specify your color preference. Joy, your color will be a surprise. 

Below are the pics of the grey & purple, you can also check them out on the Simbi website.  They are handmade, keep that in mind, so they are perfectly imperfect and no two beads are alike. 

I wish I wasn’t unemployed and could buy enough bracelets to send each commenter a little wrist beauty. Ah, well. Thanks again for stopping by, leaving a healthy tidbit, and playing the game.  

There’s a good feeling in paying it forward, Reader. I hope to be able to do more of it, but the next giveaway might just have some random shit from my house or a cat because unemployed. I’m pretty sure that would still count as a good deed. Or maybe it’s just a deed, without the good part. 

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