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The Bang Bang Theories

Contest Update: Winner Not Announced Yet

Trixie Bang Bang’s First Official Giveaway : Update

Well, it should come with little surprise that I did not announce our winner today.  I don’t know where the hell the day went.  First, I wanted to be sure I looked good just in case I decided to video the selection process. That never happened, and I kept waiting for it to happen.  I showered and everything, but still never managed to look very good today. I did have on my hobo shirt, with the hole in the elbow (that could be one of 9 different shirts).  Maybe because I was wearing my hobo shirt, it transferred to the rest of me and just refused to pretty up all day. 

Contest is closed, though, and a winner will be pulled first thing in the morning. In fact, because of the delay, we shall have TWO WINNERS – first person gets their choice of color (purple or grey) and the 2nd lucky runner up gets the other color, which is also lovely. 

Stay tuned…..and basically I suck at sticking to a schedule. I blame my new unfettered lifestyle, where every day is Saturday. And my hobo shirt.

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