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In my lady-of-leisure lifestyle, I’ve become my grandmother, only without the tidy-cleany parts.  I’ve got the cooky-bakey parts only so far. 

I think when I have a life upheaval I go through a cooking phase. It sort of re-grounds me. 

This week I made a pot of chicken and noodles, with homemade noodles. My first, Reader. 

Are you wondering how I made homemade noodles with eight nosey cats? Well, I found the secret.  

2:00 cat nap time.   

They couldn’t give a shit what’s going on in the kitchen at two in the afternoon because they are all in the bedroom, down for their naps. 

I was able to knead and roll and cut and dry three pans full of egg noodles, and they were worth the little bit of effort. 

I would have made an excellent wife. 

In other unemployment news, I’ve realized just this week that I need to put myself on a schedule. Because nothing is getting done, because I can do it tomorrow, because tomorrow’s Saturday. 

Every day is Saturday, Reader.

I’m really enjoying that part, but so far I’ve done not one thing on my to-do list, except I met my childhood friendie for lunch today, so that’s one thing. Yay me, because I’m rewarding myself for every achievement. It’s the first time I’ve driven in a week.

The other interesting things I’ve done have involved booking trips. Because for some reason, out of the woodwork I’ve been getting all sorts of free trip offers.  Just today I had a free offer to go to Biloxi next week, and it’s colder than a witches titty here so Biloxi sounds like a delight.  

I didn’t book that yet, because I instead booked a free cruise for March. I received the offer in error, but Royal Caribbean said they’d honor their error and I could go on the cruise. 

Now I’m just deciding if I’m driving down, flying down – what makes the most economical sense. Because I’m unemployed and thrifty, Reader, in case you didn’t pick up on that part yet due to all the trips I’m booking.

I’m going to go early which ever way I decide and stay and visit my daddy-o for a few days and hog up all the sunbeams I can.

Then in April? I go on another cruise, this time with my friendie.  

So if you’re keeping count, Reader, that will be three cruises in three months.  

I’d say that’s the best way to do unemployment.  At least for now. In 26 weeks, if I’m still unemployed, it may be a different story.

But right now? It’s the shit.

3 thoughts on “Unscheduled

  1. You are super awesome at unemployment!

    It's been my experience that you need these quiet times to kind of cleanse your palate. Don't be too stressed about jumping into a schedule.

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