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The Bang Bang Theories


Based on my actual life, my to-do list should look like this, Reader:

  1. Pet cats.
  2. Shower. Complete with washed hair and everything. That’s a big deal, especially as my house was 62-damn-degrees this morning. I’ve got a very complicated thermostat and am not quite sure how to reset since the time change. 
  3. Bake cupcakes.
  4. Eat cupcake(s) – no judging on the quantity, Reader, it’s Birthday Weekend, ergo, as many cupcakes as I choose to cram in my cakehole is the appropriate number of cupcakes.
  5. Make executive decision that it’s too treacherous to attempt to drive to work. In a teensy convertible. Thanks, Mother Nature. Really. I think this is my birthday weekend gift. 
  6. Take picture of cupcake. 
  7. Post picture of cupcake to Facebook. Because, Reader, my friendies need to see it, not just hear about it. As do you. Lucky you. Ahem.
  8. See what everyone else is up to on Facebook. 
  9. Post pictures of Kittens Being Cute to Facebook.
  10. Acknowledge I should be doing something productive. 
  11. Think I should blog about this. Do it. Half way through realize this is a poor use of my time. Do it anyway. 
That’s a way more accurate to-do list if we’re thinking about what actually gets to-done around here. 
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