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A New Day

Today was a really good day, Reader. In no particular order, a rundown of the day’s events:

  1. My co-worker, who I really really like a lot, quit. She got a better job. Her last day is Friday. I will miss working with her. A lot. I anticipate I may get extra work in the interim, which means even longer hours at Tiny Town and an extra heaping-helping of stress. Probably without more pay, because why. 
  2. Kenny’s 94 year old grandma Margie had surgery today to remove three fast-growing tumors from somewhere in her insides. She’s in recovery. She needs to make it because another season of Dancing With The Stars is right around the corner, and they need her cheering on the sidelines. It’s her favorite show. 
  3. My asshole cat peed on the kitchen cabinet right in front of my eyes when I got home from work tonight. Because he is apparently pissed off about something (see what I did there, Reader? I looped the whole peeing thing right back around. You’re welcome). 
  4. The garage door stopped participating in it’s job of closing today. Just out of the blue, decided not to close. So it had to be disengaged from the automatic garage door thingie and now I have to call a garage thingie repair person in the morning. I’ll call them right after I call the Drain Guru for my slooooooow bathroom drain that I can’t get to fast up, no matter what I try. Homeownership is awesome. 
  5. I sort of got an apology from New Grass for being a dickhead, but it wasn’t really so much an apology as it was just a statement of “I’m sorry.” Is that an apology? I think when “I’m sorry” is used, it’s an apology, although I can see how it could just be a statement of fact. I’m not clear. Regardless, whatever it was, it was fine and no hard feelings, despite the ridiculous dump-by-text-while-I-profess-to-love-you maneuver. I’m just not really into harboring sour grapes about it, what’s done is done. So while it still stings, it’s not as sharp and bitey as it was yesterday. Time wounds all heels or something to that affect. 
Do all those things sound like a really good day, Reader? Because while none of it sounds like it should amount to a really good day,  it was a really good day. The sun was shining. I went for a 2 mile walk, which I couldn’t do a month ago before my magical new arthritis medication. I’m still feeling good about my Framily weekend, and I know my worth and am loved by those who matter to me in this world. And that, Reader, is a good day. 

6 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Hoff, you don't need to worry about getting used to the "New Grass" term – it's not worth a mention again. And yes, you are a Lady 🙂

  2. The "New Grass" term isn't working for me. At first read I thought you were talking about your landscaper, which oddly worked. But then I got it… I am a lady and refrain further comment.

  3. Awwww…. Tracye, I love you. Your funny and pretty and your a nice person. Hang in there, it will work itself out. It always does.

    Connie Maras

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