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The Bang Bang Theories

Now Comes The Fun Part

We mostly moved yesterday, Reader – finally! In fact, I’m sitting out on my deck enjoying my cuppa coffee and getting back into recapping some of the nonsense that’s my life. 

For some reason, The Heaven’s seem to like me, and delivered a little angel into my lap last week, in the form of a 20-year old energetic girl who proclaimed she was moving in with us for four days and packing my house for me while I went to work. 

And that’s exactly what she did. 

No, she was not a kidnap victim. She happens to be my nephew’s girlie-friendie. 

It was a major undertaking, but she tackled a lot of the hard parts and made a serious dent in the tasks for us. Not to mention, she and my nephew made umpteen (or is it upteem??) trips up and down our steps carrying and hauling the endless boxes of shit that make up our lives.

And then we hired movers to do the rest, which just so happened to be relatives of my home economics teacher from high school. 

She would be very disappointed in me if she had seen the condition of that house. 

It had gotten B.A.D. 

So much cat hair. 

So little time. 

This time it’s all going to be better. 

Sidebar: I’m getting quite a bit of hot afternoon sun out here, and I do believe I’ll be able to work on my tan from this porch. I wonder if it’s obscured enough to warrant naked tanning?? Hm. We have a lot of trees, but it is still in the city. I guess I’ll have to try it and see if the neighbors take up a petition to get me to put clothes on. 

We still have a good weekend’s worth of work to do at the other place, getting out the last of the stuff that didn’t make the move. Still some stuff in the basement, and the bathroom and then some misc. crap in the other rooms, but for the most part we are out. 

We still have stuff to do and get out, but apparently people are coming in on Monday and replacing the windows. It’s pretty frustrating, to say the least. So I guess we’ll go get over there and do another sweep through and load up the car again today. 

Anyway, I won’t end on a Negative Nelly Note.   

I love my new Tree House. The cats are safe-ish, despite a few cat-tastrophies we narrowly avoided turning tragic. The space is incredible. We are happy.
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