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The Bang Bang Theories

A Hard Night’s Sleep

Chez Bang Bang is really taking a toll on us, Reader. 

It’s hard having a house, Reader! What were we thinking?? 

It’s even harder having a house that we don’t even live in yet. 

We tried to spend a night there, last Saturday. My Mister suggested we get a bunch of blankets and sleep on the floor in the upstairs bedrooms. 

We lasted until about 4 a.m. 

Floors are hard

Floors are even harder when you’re … ahem, well, let’s just say not in our twenties. Or early thirties.  That’s as far as we’ll go with that line of reasoning. 

After much uncomfortable floinking about, we hauled our stiff asses up off the floor and headed the one mile back to our current abode. 

Where we ever-so-gleefully climbed onto the pillowtop mattress, breathed out a happy sigh of relief and nodded off to blissful slumber.

First sleepover attempt at Chez Bang Bang = Fail. 

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