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The Bang Bang Theories

Conversations at Chez Bang Bang

Some conversations that have happened at our house over the past week. I’ll share them here, so it’s almost like you’re living with us, only you don’t have to enjoy the excessive cat hair and occasional projectile vomiting. From the cats, not from me, although at times during this moving phase I did feel like a little projectile vomiting could be called for. 

Remember in that previous post how I mentioned my nephew’s girlie came and stayed with us for several nights, and NO, she was not kidnapped or coerced, other than the only persuasion she needed was the opportunity to enjoy a whole lot of me for the week?? Well, she also enjoyed walking around and exploring our neighborhood, because she currently lives in a rural area which only has cornfields within walking distance. She thought she was a real City Slicker here. 

She walked down to the pawn shop one day.  

The following conversation ensued. 

H: “Guess what I got for $20 today?!!” 

My Mister: “Herpes? If you paid $20 for that, you paid too much. You should get that for free.” 


After another 11 hour day at Tiny Town last week, when I dragged in ready to drop, I lamented, “I had a bad day!”

My Mister: “What happened? Did you get cancer?”

H: “Herpes??” 

Me: “No…..no. Not that bad….I guess I had a pretty good day.” 

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