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The Bang Bang Theories

I Wear The Pants.

This morning I rolled out of bed after a crappy night’s sleep and determined that Today was The Day! The day that I headed back to the gym after a lengthy hiatus. Due to laziness, so maybe it should be a called a hi-laz-us. 

So I’ve been on a serious hilazus and just opted not to go to the gym. For months and months. Mostly because by the time I’m done with Tiny Town I just want to go home. 

When I gathered up my gym clothes and shoved them in the bag this morning, they laughed and laughed at me.  They didn’t think it was really going to happen, especially on a Monday. A long Monday, after a crappy night’s sleep (did I mention that?? ). 

Well, I showed ’em. Took them right to the gym and did some Stuff. Not a lot of Stuff, and not for very long, but Stuff happened and it was sweaty. 

Then we came home.

My pants apologized for laughing.  As they should. 

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