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The Bang Bang Theories

Good Things Come in Small States

I’m in Rhode Island for work this week, Reader.   Here’s what I love so far:

1/ Lobster. Yeah, yeah, I know all about my big stance on lobster after the whole lobster-claw game that was really no game at all for the lobster, it was just mean. But I’m here, they’re here, it seems like I should be putting them in my mouth. At least it seems that way to me. Probably not so exciting for the lobster.

2/ Groovy hotel. With one of those rainforest showers, which I have appreciated the hell out of.  Because it’s like standing in a downpour. Naked. I’ve taken two showers a day so far. When they asked me if I’d stay over another night, I told my boss you betcha, as that means two more showers, at a minimum. My vendor told me they were going to nickname me Squeaky.  My skin is a little dried out from all the washing, but I do not smell bad. At all. Anywhere.  So basically, how I can go days on end at home without showering? It’s not because I like to roll around in my own filth. It’s because I don’t have a rainforest shower. My Mister may want to add one to the  new house, if he’d like to keep me a little bit cleaner.

3/ Quaint little towns. Which make me think of my cute little cape-cod style house I’m still in the process of buying, and am glad I choose that style because it’s quaint and I will pretend I live in a seaside town. In fact, I’ve decided that I am going to tout the fact that I’ve got a cute little cape cod home on the water, because technically I do (or will), as it butts up to a ravine, which oh, by the way, has water in it. So I have a house on the water. Just like The Kennedy’s. Or Taylor Swift.

We’re a lot alike.
4/ Keurig coffee pots. In our hotel room. Score.

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