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The Bang Bang Theories

I’m Not Sure Why

Apparently I’m being paid homage: 

Me Me Me Me Me

I’m not sure why. 

Is it because I have been known to…er… “fuck” – sorry if that’s not delicate for you, Reader (but I do have quite a history of fucking). Because then that’s a suitable use and makes some sense and isn’t all sweary if you’re out in public. 

Or is it because whatever it is is so Awesome? Like me? So we proclaim ‘What the Me!!’?

And I know it’s me, Reader, because of that telling “e”. There’s only one me. Well, four of us actually, with the same spelling first and last names. Almighty Google tells me so. So I’m not that unique, but really, only 4 of us running around makes me pretty darn close, right? Awesomely unique. 

I don’t know why it’s “What the Me”, Reader, but I do know this. Reading my name and saying it over and over in my head made me realize how fantastical my name sounds. 

I sound pretty, oh so pretty.  So go ahead, Reader. “What the Me,” as you see fit – perhaps this will be the latest catchphrase.  I think I’d better trademark it so I can get rich every time I’m used. 

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