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When Too Much Sex is Too Much Sex

Well, I think I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve read too many 50-Shades-of-Twilight-type sex books and  I’m bored by all the throbbing members, undulating bosoms, writhing and moaning and never-ending sexcapades that, for reals, could never happen that often while holding down a job where you own not only your own mega-rich corporation, but apartment buildings and gyms and basically Gothem City, all before the age of 30. 

Unless maybe you are Batman. 

The downfall came when I downloaded Bared To You by Sylvia Day. 

I’m just. Bored. Yep, bored by all the sex with no storyline. 

The characters are maybe a tinch less annoying than 50 Shades of Grey, not by much. They fuck and then fight and then fuck and then fight and there’s just so much nonsense fighting because that’s the only way the author apparently can paint a scenario to lead to more fucking. 

I guess I am an old-fashioned gal. I need a little story with my sex. 

One thought on “When Too Much Sex is Too Much Sex

  1. I AGREE! I have been doing more investigating into other genre of writing and came upon this "NEW" (yet old) Romantics writing. I found an author who is also giving class's (free) and I signed up. The class was based on her book. It SUCKS. Not that the sex scenes don't have a sizzle- what what ever happened to a STORY LINE? I was so disappointed by this book, I thought – maybe it's just this writer. I checked out 2 other e-books and they were the same! Sex was the ONLY thing they took any time in writing.

    I heard the hoopla about "50 shades" thing but after these let downs – I just didn't even what to bother. I'm not into the whole bondage thing either…maybe once in a while play – but COME ON – don't want to LIVE there!

    I have also checked out some the classic's in literature and have walked away disappointed…maybe it's just me! Or its the universe telling me that if all these can get printed, then what the hell am I waiting for? Food for thought.

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