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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s How You Say It

At work today a vendor asked me if I knew of anyone that spells their name like I do. 

I have a unique-ish spelling, with a rogue “e” on the end.  Thanks, Mother. 

No, really. She was a name-unique speller before it was chic. 

And then my co-worker chimed in with the best memorable name ever.  

She recounted the story of the first day of class, and the teacher preemptively apologizing for any mispronounced names before proceeding to read down the list. 

He got to the name L-A.  Tried pronouncing it like the city, “LA”, or like hardstop initials. 

Finally a girl raised her hand. 

“It’s Ladasha. You pronounce the dash.” 


Now don’t you wish your parents had been more clever?  

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