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The Bang Bang Theories

If You Have To Ask….

My Mister went hunting and gathering today. Specifically to see if corn was still in season so I can make corn chowder.  He went to our favorite corn-ery (a new made up word, wherein you buy corn. even if you’re feeling ornery), and they were just taking fresh-made peach pies out of the oven and boxing them up for sale. 

He bought one.

And brought it home. 

And came in and asked, “I bought a peach pie, do you want a piece?” 

To which I replied, “You’re bringing home still-hot-from-the-oven homemade peach pie and have to ask me if I want a piece?? You don’t know me at all. Obviously.”

Really. Who is this stranger I’ve been living with for eight years?? 

p.s. The pie? It’s what heaven would taste like, if you were into licking heaven. 

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