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The Bang Bang Theories

Every Party Has a Pooper

I’m spending this Labor Day laboring. Around the house that is, and not out of my vagina.  

It makes me disgruntled before it makes me feel accomplished, let me assure you of that. 

I think our dryer heating element has stopped participating. I don’t know if that’s something that can be fixed, or if it means a whole new dryer. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

I cleaned up the mail steps and that took for. ever. Yes, you read that right, mail steps. We use the steps to sort out our mail because really, there isn’t any place in here to do it anyway. But I at least wanted to make it look like an official “system” so I bought 3 wire baskets – his, mine and ours. Ours mostly consists of casino offers and the misc. coupon – but mostly casino offers. A whole basket of casino offers. That’s a sad – or thrilling, depending upon perspective – view on my life.

And then that clean-up led to cleaning up the vestibule where you walk in the side of the house. I threw out this gross rug that My Mister’s mother brought over. I want to be appreciative of the things she does, but more often than not we get something she’s had gathering dust somewhere. This rug was one of those things, and it had the rubber backing just crumbling off and leaving a sand pile behind in it’s wake. 

Now, here’s my height of laziness. Ready for it? The rug entered the facility at least 4 years ago. And I’ve just ignored it rather than replace it.  Today was the time to work on the replace. 

We also have a somewhat sketchy white bookcase down there against the wall, and it collects Things. Primarily I like to keep things you might want to grab on the way out the door – an ice scraper, de-icer, gardening gloves, etc, but it just becomes a catch-all for all sorts of shit – naturally. An empty shelf soon fills up, I think it’s physics. 

Well, the other day My Mister did something to that shelf and all the shit fell off it and of course he failed to really pick it up. So I did that today. One big bag of stuff on the bottom shelf is mine, a bag of books.  But it is a bookshelf, so really, it’s not totally out of place. 

That took me so long to vacuum the hall, sort the mail, clean up the bookshelf, throw up the rug and mop the linoleum that I needed to take a shower and regroup. Which is what I’m doing now, regrouping. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a little Judge Judy before I embark on Phase 2 of the house. I’ve been slowly clearing up inside the house, I was just a little sidetracked with the hallway. Because I picked up the wire baskets from the floor in here, and instead of waiting to do that later, I just did it. I’m not sure if that’s a good cleaning method or not, as it got me off the original plan, but at least I have one thing I can check off the list.

Timothy (the dude downstairs, we live in a duplex)  offered to get me a corned beef sammich earlier. I declined as I was hot and sweaty and irritated cleaning up that common hallway, but now? I wish I had said sure. It would be good in my mouth right about now.

Oh, well. Wanna come over and not have a corned beef sammich with me and clean?? Anyone? Yoohoo?? 

No? Party pooper. 

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