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The Bang Bang Theories

Just A LIttle Snippet of Life

I had a nice weekend, Reader. It was filled with relaxation and some visiting. No cleaning, and very little obligation things, so there is a lot of messy and little prep for the upcoming week. But I wouldn’t change it one bit because I spent time with people and I liked that more than I like a sink without dishes in it. 

Today I visited a friend who’s sick. I felt a little intrusive, so I hesitated to go and visit, but then realized that I was letting my thought that I may be bothering someone interfere with doing what I felt was important, which was seeing someone I care about. So I took some homemade soup and brownies and was happy to see her face. And was cautious not to overstay my welcome (ahem. Lance.) and I hope I didn’t, but I really liked seeing her. She hasn’t lost her sass.  

And then I went to visit my dad and it turned into a whole family visit. I got to meet my nephew’s little girliefriendie and I proceeded to do what all Aunts are obligated to do – embarrass the hell out of him. I gave him advice on wooing, and small surprise gifting, and cleaning up his beard and getting new shoes and taking her out to fun places and writing her poetry and drawing her pictures and calling her  Sugarplum and Puddin’. 

He didn’t appreciate my advice. 

Kids are so unappreciative these days.  

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