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The Bang Bang Theories

Cuteness Overload

Kitten Cuteness #485: Waking up at some point in the middle of the night and realizing the kitten has put himself to bed in your arms. 

I wake up every night and find him under the covers nestled against me. 

Kenny was the lucky recipient of Cat Cuteness last night, and was so enchanted he had to take a blurry self-picture of himself with kitty. DJ (the cat, did I tell you that’s his new and final name?) was sleeping so tightly against Kenny that he had fur up his nose.  Kenny, not the kitty. Although the kitty might have had fur up his  nose, too. 

He’s an under-cover sleeper. Here he is peeping out at me, sleeping on my ample bosom with a blankie covering him up:

Needless to say, we heart him.

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