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Tiny Travel

Tiny Town’s sending me to Vegas this weekend, Reader. No money to spend on office necessities, but a trip to Vegas and all 2x4s holding up my desk can be overlooked. 

So My Mister and I fly out tomorrow. He’s accompanying me and I am ever so happy as it is his birthday weekend! And it would have been sad and wrong for me to be in Vegas for his birthday weekend without him, while he was stuck working in a casino instead of playing in one. But we were able to work that out for him so all is right in the world. 

I’ll be working Sunday & Monday, but my hope is that my evenings will be free for shenanigans. But just in case they’re not, I’ll be going WILD Saturday night. And by wild I mean taking along my first issue of consumer reports and reading product reviews.  Well, in a dream world I’d be doing that, but I can’t as my issue hasn’t arrived just yet. So I will be downloading a new novel series someone at Tiny Town mentioned to me today, The Uglies (series). Heard of that one, Reader? Reviews are good, just checked ’em out and will give it a go. Another YA series, but hey, I’m not proud – I like those. 

If I win the Megamillions on Saturday I’ll be quitting before I get to the actual work part of my Vegas trip. Just so you know. And, Joanne, I’ll be sending for you. After all, you’re my link to the history of Consumer Reports. Not that that has any bearing on anything. Ahem..er….I mean I’d send for you because I owe you a late night of drinking and dancing! Yes! That’s why I’ll send for you. But bring your CR’s while you’re at it. 

All when I win the Megamillions. 

One thought on “Tiny Travel

  1. I love YA books. I've heard of the Uglies — you have to let us know how it is.

    Vegas sounds wonderful. Hope you guys have a great trip — and thanks for coming by my blog…

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