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Tell Me More, Tell Me More (did ya get very far?)

Summer is here! It’s been here for a few weeks, and I was beginning to feel all itchy and restless, like if I didn’t do something- and fast – I will blink and have missed it.  

I spend a lot of hours at Tiny Town, or in traffic going to/coming from Tiny Town.   

So I’ve had to find a solution to correct my loss of day. 

Friday I found a park near TT and grabbed my Nookbook and a sammich and headed to a picnic table and spent some time metabolizing my Vitamin D and getting lost in a world that wasn’t mine. 

And then? I left work 15 minutes early and enjoyed smooth sailin’ on the way home, making it in the driveway before 5:30. 

It was glorious.

And because of my extra-long Friday night, I had time to drink my share of 100 oz. of cold beer on a patio: 

And look at life a little differently:

And watch the sun go down. 

Saturday we carried the summer lovin’ over to the new day, and took a nice long ride with the top down on the convertible, getting more Vitamin D kapow, and some sunburn on My Mister’s lily-white, indoor-only skin. 

We capped off the evening at the Rock’n Ribfest in our hometown, listening to Fleetwood Mac tunes by a tribute band. And I’ve decided with conviction that I could play the tambourine.  I’m adding “musically gifted” to my resume. Granted, I’ve only watched the Stevie-Nicks-Girl shake it, but I’m fairly certain I could do that. Pretty sure, anyway. Probably could do it. Hm.  

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