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The Bang Bang Theories

Saddle Up & Ride

So I came home after dark (from getting my manicure) and did some lookylooing in the window. Could see that lights were on, but everything looked obscured – somewhat. Like you were looking through a gauzy curtain into our life, which I guess is what you’re doing (should anyone be so inclined).

One side-affect I hadn’t considered: The sheer gauziness of them makes for prime Cat-Peek-A-Boo-Get-Each-Other shenanigans. I just had to use a Stern Voice with Toby & the baby to get them to knock their cat games off. At least knock them off in the curtains.

It won’t surprise me if I come home and the curtains are pulled down onto the floor. It will irk me, but not surprise me.

Okay, I just got back from picking up my packing assistant (bottle of Moscato, all for Me Me Me!), and now my packing games must commence. Yes, I saved it til the last minute, late in the evening. Once again. But whatever, I’m relaxed about it (for a change) and know it will all get done. I chose to spend the glorious afternoon while the sun was shining on the back porch with the cats, finishing up the Hunger Games trilogy. Sad. 🙁 That the story’s over, that is. And I’m not sure I loved the outcome, but it was okay enough.

Now I hope that the book I’ve downloaded for vacation doesn’t stink because I’m not sure what my download capabilities will be out at sea. If I chose wrong, it’ll be one big sad face from me. I don’t even know what I picked – I think Freedom by Jonathan Franz or something, it was a recommendation from someone, somewhere…there was a little yellow post-it-note reminder on my desk. Wait, that’s not what I downloaded at all! I downloaded What is the What. No wonder I have Reader Reservations, it seems a little deep for vacation pleasures. I fear I’m going to have to succumb to the best sellers list and get a back-up plan in place. Stat. I’m going to throw a couple Harlequinn Romances in my suitcase for backup. And they’ll guarantee Mr. A a little role-playing, which he won’t object to. The one I bought involves a cowboy. I think he’ll be up for a rodeo.
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