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The Bang Bang Theories

You’re Soaking In It

I survived the boobie biopsy today. I cried. Even before they did anything, my eyes started puddling up when I saw the lump looking so Big and Scary on the ultrasound machine. But the actual procedure didn’t hurt, it was just the thought that they’re checking you for CANCER that hurts. That blows.

But we go on vacation in the morning. I shall have wine tonight while I finish up around the house.

So what did I do last night, to prepare for vacation? Well, all practical things, naturally. I decided that was the night I just had to hang up the new curtains I purchased back in JUNE. JUNE. They’ve sat in the Target bag on a living room chair for 3 months, and the night I should have been packing for vacation? That was the night they had to get hung up. Now, to shed a little light on why they sat in a bag for so long, remember that bad back I had? Well, I wasn’t really up to climbing around on chairs. And while I could have had Kenny do it, let’s be real here. He doesn’t excel at household activities.

They are very sheer. Much more appropriate for when I purchased them over the summer than as we head into winter. A really pretty gauzy linen, but I do need a couple more panels to fill them out, and they probably aren’t still selling linen curtains in October. I hope they are, though. The room does look a lot more airy and bright, which we both like, but I do wonder how much of us walking around the neighbors can see. Because I tend to walk through the house naked every morning, after I’ve taken a shower, as I’m getting ready for work. It’s my alone time, Reader. No one’s up but me and the cats, and the cat’s don’t judge. But now the neighbors might. We’re going to have to do some reconnaissance and see what they can see.

I really need to plan more vacations, they motivate me to get shit done around the house. I actually have the can of paint out to do some light touch up work that’s been neglected for the past 3 years or so. No sense rushing around to do it.

I think the reason I get all motivated to do stuff before vacation is that I want to have something pleasant to look forward to when we come home. We stay in really nice places, I don’t want to come home to a dumpy mess. Maybe we should switch our travels to camping. That way, the house in it’s natural state of duress would be just fine.

Cats are out on the patio today, soaking up some sunshine. I think I will go join them and read for a half hour or so, before I get busy packing up. I need to get that done, so I can enjoy the evening with a manicure as the hardest thing I have to do.
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