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The Bang Bang Theories

Know When To Hold “Em

I’m just so tired lately. I know, everyone’s tired, but I’m tired!-tired. I can’t get enough sleep, even when I should have more than enough sleep. The least little activity has me pausing for a little break (like now, I just carried up some laundry and fed the cats, needed a break). I think I’m abnormally tired and I fear it has something to do with the abnormality going on in my boobie area. Yes, that still hasn’t been resolved. Tomorrow. I get Test 1 tomorrow. Then Test 2 on the 18th. So we’ll know by Birthday Month if I am troubled & worried or celebratory & carefree.

And I hope to find out that I’m tired because I’ve just been so lazy for the past year(s) and it’s finally caught up with me. Sitting leads to Sit-some-more syndrome, so I’ve been told. I’ve got that for sure.

Okay, I’m hauling up to go and do some things on my To-Do list, which involves more laundry (pre-vacation laundry, hooray, I love that), and tidying up the homestead.

I’d love a glass (or three) of wine, but can’t have alcohol before the boobie probe.

In other, much much much more exciting news, Kenny was selected out of the 4000 people who applied for the new casino!! VERY EXCITING! They loved his exuberant personality. I figured it would either work for or against him, but luckily it was FOR. He starts 240 hours of unpaid training in December. But I think he’s going to love it. And really? He needs to work at the new casino so he won’t be able to gamble there. That’ll be the only thing standing between him and 1-800-Gambler.
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