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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s a Girl!

Survived Day 1 back at the Mines. I was tired by 2:00. No real surprise there, though.

They had a welcome wagon awaiting for me, complete with pink balloons festooned around my cube. One coworker wrote, “It’s a Girl!” in black magic marker on a balloon. It made me SOL (smile-out-loud).

Got a basket of daisies, a little box of toffee chocolates and later on another friend brought me some posies in a vase.

I should get injured more often. This is a pretty good haul.

All-in-all, it was good to be back and talking to different faces. I think Kenny was equally thrilled, he never called me all day, and only sent me one email in response to one I sent him. I’m sure he was busy “horsing around” (that’s what I told him he does all day).

Tomorrow’s Friday – it was good thinking on my part to ease back into life with a couple short weeks. My brain has been on hiatus, it’s hard to be a responsible adult all at once.
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